Our company

We understand that the big changes in the planet's climate and the sustained increase in the world's population, particularly in the Mexican territory, it requires technological changes to ensure food that this and future generations will demand. Committing to it, is a business opportunity and fulfillment of an inescapable social responsibility.

That is why Green Technologies® was born in 2009 as a product of the concerns of Mexican entrepreneurs, originally from the state of Jalisco, and based in the United States of America, who saw in the development and application of new materials for the construction and maintenance of urban infrastructure and for protected agriculture an opportunity to contribute more appropriate solutions to the economic and social situation of Mexico.

Globally, through 60,000 sales services that have been held over 30 years and associated after-sales services, it is estimated that 9,000 producers that have used hydroFLAKES® and hydroFLAKES® Plus have been satisfied. As far as hydroFOAM® is concerned, approximately 11,000 local administrators, sports fields and golf course managers have been benefited from our services.

Thus, our purpose is:

  • Contribute to a substantial increase in productivity in the Mexican field.
  • Contribute to significant savings in water consumption for irrigation.
  • Contribute to a decrease in the costs associated with the application of nutrients.

Our value proposal

We offer a lightweight substrate to be used alone or mixed with soils, which releases water in dosages as its environment dries, maintaining a greater amount of nutrients and oxygen available, thus increasing the productivity of plants, flowers and pastures, reducing production costs and increasing profitability, without impact to the environment.

Whose problems do we solve?

  • Agricultural producers in protected facilities such as greenhouses, macro-tunnels, shadow mesh, etc.
  • Agricultural producers in open pit pots
  • Spreaders of vegetables, fruits and forest species in nurseries
  • Flower growers
  • Horticultural producers
  • Fruit producers in greenhouses
  • Open-pit agricultural producers with expanding markets and that demand higher quality
  • Agricultural producers who have found limitations in soil quality
  • Producers who need to minimize their risks and improve their productivity
  • Nursery owners who require an inert culture medium for export purposes
  • Golf course builders and maintainers
  • Sports field builders and maintainers
  • Builders and maintainers of parks and gardens
  • Designers, builders and maintainers of green ceilings and walls
  • Families who care for their gardens
  • Families with orchards
  • School authorities that incorporate agricultural practices into their programmes
  • Governments at the three levels that promote orchards to meet food needs
  • Engineers and architects interested in green ceilings and green walls to improve weather conditions

And what do we offer them?

  • Increase the productivity of your crops and varieties
  • Save water
  • Save fertilizers and nutrients
  • Lower your energy costs
  • Accelerate production
  • Decrease the mortality rate of plants
  • Increase shelf life of plants
  • Improve the volume of healthy roots in a short time


Our focus is on open innovation, where we recognize that only in collaboration with higher education institutions, research institutions, production organizations and other relevant participants, is how we can achieve results aligned to market needs. Our company feeds a constant effort of research and technological development which allows improvements in the formulation of the products offered and the specifications in their application and also the development of new applications to crops and varieties of them, in different climatic conditions.

Global presence and international support

To local knowledge, is added the accumulated experience of almost four decades in more than 40 countries, under very different conditions of economic and social development, and of complexity in the problems of increased agricultural productivity and maintenance of urban infrastructure, to constitute a wealth of technical and scientific data , on which our work is supported in the day to day. In addition, we have access to a network of specialists, experts each in their field of action, and which we can resort to if necessary to further strengthen the solution that represents the application of our products in their activities.