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GreenTechnologies provides technological resources to help maximize plants performance as well as saving on water consumption. All of our products are biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. GreenTechnologies is part of Aqua Resins Technologies Inc. ART is a private company located in Houston, TX and is the exclusive partner in the American continent of the international company Aqua Resins Technologies (Holland) which has over 20 years of international experience providing innovative and effective solutions to:

Agriculture and Horticulture

Gardening and Landscape

Sports fields

Retailers and Wholesalers

Private gardens


Strategic goals

Technology and International support

Contribute to a substantial increase in agricultural productivity. 

Contribute to significant savings in water consumption for irrigation.

Contribute to reducing costs related to the application of nutrients.

Corporate Responsibility

GreenTechnologies has proven its success for over 20 years in more than 15 European countries. Aqua Resins Technologies has studies and results carried out at prestigious universities worldwide.

GT believes that the great changes that are occurring in the planet's climate and sustained increase in world population, require major technological changes to ensure the food demand for this and future generations. Committing to it, is a business opportunity, as well as the fulfillment of social responsibility.

In the U.S. we have presence and have worked with:

Company History


Green Technologies  was launched in 2009 by American businessman who saw a business opportunity of introducing an innovative, yet proven substrate, which would help growers achieve better than wished results.


Global presence

The technical and scientific case studies accumulated by Aqua Resins Technologies BV in over 15 countries portray consumer confidence. Under very different economic and social development, the complexity in the problems of increasing agricultural productivity has provided a wealth of technical and scientific data that is reflected in the solution in other countries circumstances of similar and analog issues.


Aqua Resins Technologies BV maintains constant communication with their affiliates and licensees by nourishing from experiences in many different situations. This feeds a constant effort to research and technological development, which enables improvements in the formulation of products offered and the specifications in its application.


More than 60,000 jobs completed successfully in over 20 years through an estimated 9,000 satisfied growers who have used Hydroflakes and Hydroflakes Plus. HydroFoam on the other hand, has benefited approximately 11,000 location managers, sports fields and golf courses.

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